Friday, 25 November 2011

Blocks away and other sewing

Yesterday I managed to get so much done. I sent off the 6 1/2 inch blocks  that I had done for Bobbie B, and we are watching the post to see who gets their blocks I will post a photo of these when Bobbie has them.
I made an owl shaped  Ear Bud Pouch for my daughters friend, I thought these were so cute.
I found the pattern at  if you want to check it out yourself.

My daughter's first bag, she picked the materials, did the quilting, made the binding and put it all together.

It is called the "Click Clack Bag" and we got the pattern from Tirau Quilt Cottage. All I had to do was supervise on this one. We have turned the bottom under to make it stand for the photo, it does come with a squared off bottom; but Alice wanted it straight. (if that makes sense) so it looks a bit wonky...but it is not :)
Now I am just waiting for the Australian Christmas swap names to come up.

I made this sewing bag earlier this year for a friend of mine who travels with her sewing...we all do
I still haven't picked the materials for mine yet!  On the list for the new year, it is growing by the minute.
If there are any crazy quilter's out there that haven't joined the," Crazy Quilt Journal Project 2012"; you might like to check out   
Time for a cuppa, election day here in NZ and we have already voted; so we are going to sit back and enjoy our afternoon in peace.            Happy sewing.

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